With our expertise in the field of construction materials, we are able to search good quality raw materials from various sources at reasonable price. Furthermore, with the efficiency of our machineries in advanced production process and the experience of our engineering team and sales department who are knowledgeable with the products, we are therefore capable of designing and offering recommendation on the products according to the customer’s requirements, including ceiling structure, such as C-line and T-bar together with roof structure, such as truss, purlin, as well as lightweight wall structure, and building panels. In addition, our excellent management in terms of effective delivery and service that meet our customer’s request in a timely manner has always enabled us to gain trust from our customers both domestically and internationally.

Why choosing Sanki products?

Extensive experience

World-Wide sourcing

Wide range of products

OEM (original equipment manufacturer)

Mass production

Quality check and quality control

Strategic location and transportation

Strategic location and transportation

International standard by ISO 9001 and 14001

Value for money

Most of The Leading Organizes Entrust Our SANKI

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