Raw Material

Sanki Quality Products Co., Ltd. has been distributing coated steel coils ansd sheet including Galvalume (GL), Galvanized (GI) and Pre-painted (PPGI, PPGL) in order to respond the market demand of our customers owned machineries for production of construction materials as follows:

Galvanized (GI)

The Zinc layer on the surface of the galvanized steel sheet isolate the steel sheet from atmosphere to prevent further corrosion of the base metal and ensures a long service life of the material, Due to its excellent corrosion resistance of the galvanized steel sheet. Now, the galvanized steel sheets are commonly use in many fields especially Building & Construction such as ceilings, verandas, roller shutter, partitions sheds, underground piping, scaffolding, indoor decorations etc.

Galvalume (GL)

Galvalume is alu-zinc coated steel of which the coat consists of aluminium (55%), Zinc (43.5%) and silicon (1.6%). It is resistant to corrosion and rust, Can be used for a number of years and has been certified with the international standard. Due to its properties, The material itself is perfect for the purpose of construction, especially for the roofing and wall-building applications.

Pre-painted Galvalume / Galvanized (PPGI/PPGL)

Pre-painted galvalume is made by coating the galvalume or galvanized with colir, Which still retaine the original properties of galvalume including resistance to corrosion, rust and durability. Whit variety of color allow owner to select the right color that suited to the environment and mood of the owner.

Sanki Quality Products Co., Ltd. has been importing raw materials with acceptable standards and high quality from reliable oversea steel makers aiming to build confidence among our customers who use products from Sanki Quality Products Co., Ltd. in manufacturing process. These imported raw materials have been certified by international standard, such as Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS), American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM), European Standard (EN), and Australian Standard. Moreover, Sanki Quality Products Co., Ltd. is offering a variety of products to support different usage purposes. For example, we have different coatings available for selection ranging from AZ70 - AZ150, and hardness from G300 - G550 for Galvalume (GL) products.

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